Ama Dove Vivi - Love Where You Live

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Maureen will go to the moon and back to help you find your perfect home! She is very professional in every aspect of being a highly skilled Realtor. Maureen helped us sell our first home, a county home with acreage, not an easy task. She then helped us relocate into the city area and we found the perfect fit. She worked very hard to help us find just the right home. That was 10 years ago. Just last year, she helped us move again, to a smaller home (downsizing is stress full). With her knowledge of the market and her skills, we again found just the right home. We highly recommend Maureen as your Realtor when you are ready to buy or sell your home. She will spend all the time you need to find your dream home. PS..we highly recommended Maureen to all our friends and family too!